Shortwave (Internet Radio flatpak app)

One of several internet radio apps available through flathub repo. Scales and functions well.

Search stations around the world.
If it’s not already in the database, add it yourself.
Sources stations from

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I like Shortwave. It’s good to know I’ll be able to use the same app on the phone as I do on my desktop :slight_smile:

Great app – I use it on my Mint desktop. I just looked for it on Pinephone-Mobian, but it’s not in the repository. And now I remember that it was a Flatpak on Mint, as well. Mint integrates Flathub with their repository in their Software Manager. Very convenient, but sometimes you miss the fact that a particular app is a Flatpak.

I’ll just have do it the normal way on the hand terminals!

I was just recently wanting to explore shortwave radio and was thinking about getting a new radio and long antenna for that purpose. I considered getting an all-band 300 KHZ to 30 MHz listen-only radio, or perhaps get an HF all-band amateur radio that would have the added benefit of also having transmitting capabilities in parts of that spectrum that are allocated to amateur radio. In my recent research, I found that there is a new digital brodcast format for shortwave radio that will allow shortwave radio to have “FM brodcast-quality” sound. But you’ll need a newer radio to receive those stations. I also read that since the end of the cold war, that English language shortwave broadcasts in to the western hemisphere are in serious decline and could phase-out completely, mostly because of the internet. I didn’t know if that information might be helpful to others. The good part of this Linux app is that you didn’t have to buy a new radio. Good idea.