Should Bleachbit be used with the Librem 5?

Or will it wear out the emmc drive prematurely?

i use it just dont run it as root, i have done that on L5 cleaning up all and it nuked my PureOS 10 on L5. Probably related to zwap / cache cleaning

That said i use bleechbit for spring cleaning like every 4months or so not every day.

Its also not integrated yet for mobile pureos 10, it wont delete sms, chat message history.

On a side note that should be added to Gnome settings and a default Gnome function called Forget Me - or something like it that includes the Gnome stack / world / core app history data bases and folders - and also simply deletes the entire home cache folder…

as in: sudo rm -rf /home/purism/.cache/*

Wow, thanks for the info!

I use Stacer on my L5. Seems to work well for cleaning + a lot of other functionality too.

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It fits screen and functions well on L5? (

Make sure you don’t do any shredding on flash-based devices - SSD, eMMC, SD, none of them. It won’t work perfectly, and on top of that it will destroy the device. Shredding is for spinning rust drives (and still not perfect).


As said here. Do not use bleachbit on an ssd. I’m amazed that bleachbit still put their software forward in this manner. Its for spinners only, and then not great. I use trim on my laptops but don’t know about the L5.

By ‘destroy’ do you mean that it will shorten the lifetime?

Yes. Flash memory is a consumable item, you can’t use it forever. Shredding will make you consume it much faster.

What about if I only use the cleaning function in Stacer, would it do any harm to the disks?

It doesn’t mention shredding, so probably not.