Should I upgrade Librem 13 to 14 for Qubes?

My Librem 13 has fallen apart again. Back case issues with screws popping out if case. I have owned a 13 for 2½ years, with most of time spent with case popping open.

What are longer term experiences with 14? Is it holding up?
I am considering upgrading to a 14.
Purism is not willing to give discount for for poor experience with 13. Not excited about the price.
Storage seems expensive.

Is it worth the risk to try another Librem?

I am a former frustrated 13 owner that made the leap of faith on the 14 and I am quite happy with mine. While Purism did not offer/could not offer to cover the issue due to warranty - I did continue to visit the forum and watched Purism speak to how they evaluated the issue, identified the root cause, and how the issue was addressed in the L14.

If you can find similar satisfaction, I think you will be rewarded. I love my laptop and am happy with it.

PS - I loaded up my L14 with 64GB of RAM and find its performance quite satisfactory running Qubes OS 4.1.