Showing windows.docx files

Sometimes I get in mails a windows.docx file :frowning: While I should just remove such mails, sometimes there is need to not ignore it, for example when the school of my boys can‘t be convinced to send letters in PDF. Is there a way to read such files on the L5 without installing 1 GByte of libreoffice?

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This is one option:
AbiWord—Linux Apps on Flathub

Another option would be to convert it on another computer that does have LibreOffice installed. I believe that LibreOffice can do this at the command line. (Yes, this is a hassle - but surely the potential for doing things like this is one of the benefits of Linux.)

If this were happening to me frequently and I ran my own mail server for personal use, I might even make such a conversion automatic. (Any Microsoft Office format attachment could be an attempted 0-day exploit targeting Microsoft Windows computers anyway, so automatically replacing the attachment with the corresponding PDF could be a good thing - providing that the conversion is itself done in a safe environment.)

Another (lightweight) approach is docx2txt if you just need to get the gist of the content and/or before deciding whether to convert it to PDF. (Be warned, this program by default creates a .txt file on disk in the same directory as the original .docx file, rather than outputting to stdout so you need to take that into account.) Obviously this is only viable if the important content is strictly textual e.g. no important diagrams, images.

Yeahbut, um, the vibe from the OP is that he doesn’t want to do that i.e. too bloated a solution for his specific problem.

Sure, if you are doing a fair bit of convergence on the Librem 5, you might well just want to install LibreOffice - and then the OP’s problem goes away.

I was also looking for a docx viewer.

I installed Abiword without using the flatpack/hub.
Next, I tested it with an email containing a docx attachement. Voilla it works.
Thanks for the AbiWord tip.

You can convert it with Pandoc to various formats.


I did some tests converting *.docx to HTML and sent it to firefox. It works resoneble well. Thanks