Signal app now usable in portrait mode on L5

Yes, it is a bit awkward to have just the initials there. But I will manage. On the whole, it works pretty well.

I’m just wondering how you use the zoom. I have activated the compositor for this app, and I zoomed it a couple of levels in the app itself. Do I need both? How can you tell at what zoom level you are?

Thanks! But what must I do to send text message. All I see it’s this QR code… :\

Technically the desktop app cannot be used to set up a Signal account on it’s own. You will need an Android or iPhone with Signal installed and set up. Once that is done you can follow these instructions


There may be a way to avoid that, @johnk apparently made it work using Axolotl, see the comment here:


I’m sorry, but this still isn’t a viable option.
The keyboard doesn’t work. The upper menu doesn’t respond. The columns on the left don’t work very well (not even with a mouse attached). Etcetera.
It’s nice people are trying. But very few people will enjoy using this as a chat app.
So, I’m back to waiting for a new version of Axolotl…

Thank you for the kind words.

I respectfully disagree.
Even small, incremental improvements add up. That’s how all great software came to be. You may find the user experience poor, and rightfully so. Others may have different priorities. Some people use the app all the time, and may not even experience the particular UX issues that you do. (For example, I don’t use the upper menu at all, and the keyboard works fine enough for me with @dos’s squeekboard patch applied.)

As @elagost mentioned earlier, issue reports against their GitHub repository are welcome.
Even if you choose not to use this app anymore, I think the community would benefit from your report more if you addressed it at the proper place and in more detail.


I forgot about the patches. Would like to try the squeekboard patch.
Can’t find it on Github. Is there a direct link?
How do I apply a patch like that to the installed app? Run it from the command line?

And just to make sure: I can see the keyboard alright, but typing does not work. Does the patch solve that?