Signal-desktop flatpak using 100% CPU

Has anyone else using the flatpak of Signal-desktop recently notice it using 100% CPU? When first launching it there is no intensive CPU resources being used, but once I look at a conversation or start messaging it stays at 100% CPU in Usage app and in top as well.

I am using version 6.26.0

I am and I am not noticing any CPU slow downs at all.

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I see the high CPU usage by Signal flatpak as well lately.

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I don’t notice a slowdown either, although I do notice some higher temps on the phone. When I first run usage app it pegs the CPU between 2-6% before it jumps to 100% but top reads 116% CPU

From the 1980’s “A busy computer is a happy computer?”

Yes, but they weren’t running off battery. :wink:

See also:

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It seems that just using ctrl + Shift + C will exit any conversations and this will drop usage back to a normal levels.

I used to recommend Signal all the time for people, but honestly things keep getting worse with it, and I find all the constant updates just annoying. I think Matrix or XMPP are just much better solutions these days.

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Does this work with the Librem 5 on-screen keyboard for you?

No it doesn’t seem to. I think a physical keyboard attached would work though. I’ll test it when I am my Mini X around again and let you know if no one else chimes in here.

For me, I just open the signal desktop when I need to say or receive something. Once I’m done, I always swipe it away, so I don’t think I’ve noticed the issue on the L5 yet as a result.

For a while the issue was resolved but now it looks like this bug has returned in version 6.30.1. When I open a conversation the CPU usage for one of the cores is either above 50% or nearly taking up the whole core at 95%.

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Yep, always make sure you ctrl + shift + c out of all conversations. Or use Waydroid and Signal through there.


Is there a way to do this with the on screen keyboard?

I thought you could do it with the terminal OSKB but it doesn’t seem to work. Only works in convergence mode. Honestly I kind of hate using the desktop app on the L5. Running the actual client through waydroid is the way I’ve been going.

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I would consider that or even Flare but I do make occasional audio calls through signal. Can waydroid be given access to the microphone?

At this time, I don’t believe so.

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