Signal / Silence on GNU+Linux : A comprehensive summary | Librem 5 app

I thought that when I tried to resize the app by clicking on an edge and dragging, that it had no effect before, or didn’t work well. Same for full-screen.

I’m on the same version you are. I’ll have to go back over commits/releases and see if/when a change occurred. Maybe I’m just imagining.

Edit: Also, I notice that when I resize the app, then close it, then reopen it–the app stays the same as I resized it, instead of returning to the default size. I feel like it didn’t do that before.

IIRC the resizing of the window has been there for a while. IIRC it could not be resized to very small sizes. The conversations list did not collapse.

Please, discuss about it on dedicated topic or open a new one.


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Done. For general Signal discussion, please go to Signal messenger

4 Likes I appreciate your activity in both Purism’s and Signal’s git issue trackers. Signal is my main barrier for not running an L5 full time (you know, other than not having an Evergreen unit yet lol).

Hopefully with Signal being #4 in Purism’s Fund Your App they’ll be able to fund a dev to get it working in Chatty.

Has anyone played with Axolotl lately? Has that become viable?

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Axolotl is not really a long term solution. Read this earlier post.

I don’t think any work has been done (or even promised) for getting Signal working with Chatty but there is currently work being done to get Chatty working with MMS and Matrix (with e2ee). It already does SMS and Telegram, so fingers crossed once those two bits of work are completed there might be an opportunity to get Signal some attention.

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It’s pocket money. It won’t be enough to pay a developer, at least not for very long.
There is already a purism developer on Chats (Mohammed Sadiq), he seems to be working a lot on the Matrix protocol integration at the moment.


Hello, do you mean that it could be possible to “bridge” Signal into Chats ? Thank you

It could be possible, with libpurple plug-in for example. But, if Purism choose to work on it, I suppose it will be native integration like for Matrix.

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Thank you for your quick reply. That would be really nice to have such native integration

New development project, not Purism/Phosh/Chatty specific:

Discussion on reddit:


Followup, looks like minds have been changed:

@fla @r3pek @PINE64 @chiraag @kde Update: After reaching out to the Whisperfish developers, I’ve decided the best path forward for a native mobile Linux Signal client is to help Whisperfish decouple from Sailfish OS and implement a new Plasma Mobile GUI with Kirigami:​


So that Rust code works? I had a look and there are Rust Gtk and Libhandy bindings, so could be ported to Gnome/Phosh?

Unknown, I did see that Anbox is working in the latest Manjaro Arm Phosh beta however (with Signal):

I’m just excited for the interest and the options that the community is working towards; I lack the technical knowledge to know if the porting could work as you suggest.

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Signal’s recent desktop release has taken some big steps toward becoming a standalone client. Creating and managing groups is now possible through the desktop client.


Yes, we’re thinking about moving most application logic into separate Rust libraries so these could be reused for other clients, such as GTK Rust and CLI clients.


I have collected a list of third-party signal software here:

It’s kind of an up-to-date wiki-version of the list in the first post of this thread, broken up into types of projects: libraries, end-user clients, and bridges to multi-protocol services like matrix.

It is not focused on the librem phone specifically, but it can be helpful in surveying the available options for Signal on mobile Linux.