Using Signal on L5 with axolotl

Hi everybody, I’ve been looking for ways to use Signal from the L5, looked into mautrix-bridges over matrix but seemed too complicated.
Just got running Signal functioning with axolotl, renders quite well in the screen and seems able to send and receive messages properly. It functions as a native phone Signal, allowing to link a Desktop install via a QR code (that you have to scan and then input as text in the phone).

Disappearing messages don’t seem to work, or I didn’t figure it out, which is quite of a minus.
I wonder if other people have made it work or has managed to get Signal working properly in some other easy way (axolotl worked out of the box).

this is how I installed it, not much caveat to it.

$ git clone
$ cd axolotl-mobian-package && sudo apt install ./axolotl_1.0.0-1_arm64.deb



Thanks for the install instructions. I installed axolotl from the software center and when I start it it doesn’t render anything. I guess the version I installed is lagging behind a bit.

I noticed Kyle Rankin mentioned being able to use Signal on his Librem 5 as well. So it certainly seems to work. So you are probably right that you are on an older version, or something like that.

Maybe it works in Byzantinum.

@Kyle_Rankin, as Signal is also in the Top 5 of Fund-Your-App, I was wondering if there are any plans of posting updates.
Maybe quarterly progress reports regarding the top items of FYA. (There’s an upcoming end-of-quarter, hint hint)
I’m pretty sure it would help motivating people to continue funding.

hi @Jonas, please follow the instructions i detailed above, the version from the software store seems not working. Yes, im using byzantium but apparently it works on amber too.

@Caliga, i would much rather encourage development towards the original promise of “the first native matrix phone”. Signal is not the way forward but matrix is alligned with L5 at many levels. Plus axolotl quite solves been able to use signal already.


I sympathize with that, though currently, I’m Threema-only, but I see a need to use Signal.
While I have a Librem One Matrix account, I don’t really have anyone to interact with (except for some tech rooms, but not for private messaging).
And frankly, from a performance/usability perspective, I don’t see myself convincing people to use Matrix soonish. Maybe next year :slight_smile:

Element (and/or Chatty?) will be continued to be worked on, but you can’t just overrule that Signal has been voted in the Top10 and Element hasn’t.
Also, my main point was that if Purism asks for funding, they have to somehow follow up with progress.

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