Silencing unwanted calls from the lockscreen

How do people handle this?

Is activating the HKS to kill the cellular modem the only way to quickly stop the ringing/buzzing of the unwanted call, or is there some other way?

I keep all the hardware kill switches activated and my Librem 5 USA off. Whenever I want to use it, I think about what purpose I need to use it for and then deactivate the appropriate hardware kill switches first before turning it on after that. Once I am done with my task(s), I reactivate all of the hardware kill switches and then turn it off again.

A call blocker was discussed hitherto. Someone wrote code, implementation too difficult for me.

Why not use the reject call button?

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Could be nice to have a “mute” option on the lockscreen.


as a user you don’t want that, you want the caller to think you weren’t there, not you where there saw they tried to call and didn’t want to answer by immediately hanging up, mute or ignore is obfuscating and makes you and the other person feel much better, reject should be replaced by mute, or ignore “always”

But there are situations where you want to say “sorry I have no time, calling back soon”. Replacing the rejection button is not a good idea. Instead of replacing I would recommend to just add the “mute/ignore” button.


I was also taking into account that the OP was using the hardware kill switch to turn the modem off, thus rejecting the call, when pushing the reject call button would be sufficient