SIM card in L5 + iPhone

I have a iPhone which i bought in 2014. If i would use the SIM card i use from the iPhone into L5, would it take everthing from there and just work out of the box with contactlist etc? Sorry, as you can see, i’m not a Phone-dude but a PC ethuasist.

should i get a seperate SIM card for L5, since i would use the iPhone for home only and L5 for external usage? (i have a older SIM card around. If i would use each card in each phone, would that work or not ? If not, then is it because i pay for the usage of 1 SIM card only?

Given the current battery life of the Librem 5, I would advise getting a second SIM, because you probably will want to carry around your iPhone as your backup phone.

It will probably be a while till Purism implements suspend-to-RAM and the BM818/PLS8 being able to wake up a suspended system when receiving a phone call, which are what is needed for the phone to last a full day on a single charge.

The ModemManager Contacts documentation says that you can access contacts stored on SIM cards, but you will have to test it to see if it works.

I don’t think contacts are necessarily stored on SIM cards.

They were, a thousand years ago, before phones were “smart”.

Wikipedia will tell you what size SIM each model of spiPhone uses.

Or if @wednesday will mention the spiPhone model, I can probably answer.

yes the support is still there and the method does work however it’s not reliable since the SIM-card is just SO limited in terms of what information it stores …

you will sometimes lose a good chunk of contact information if you rely on this method …

if you ONLY have simple names and one phone-number and nothing else with no special characters etc. then maybe …


If you have a Microsoft Windows computer, you may be better off round-tripping the contacts via Windows i.e. use iTunes to sync the contacts from the spiPhone to Microsoft Outlook, then from Microsoft Outlook to Thunderbird, then export from Thunderbird hopefully in a format that the mail client on the Librem 5 is happy with to import (which format we don’t know yet).

That will get more of the information across - but there are incompatibilities in the way systems do things - and so there will probably be some manual tidy up.

I guess this is a problem that most of us will face, in some form, once our Librem 5 is delivered.

or just do it little by little. take screenshots and then OCR that to text :wink:

Hmmm, yeah, OK. :smile:

iPhone 6 plus

At least, this didn’t work in September. I haven’t tried since, because I use a different SIM.

That’s interesting :slight_smile: I might write a Python script to try that, unless I find an easier route.

My case precisely. Sorting out the mess is probably less work than typing in everything manually and checking for typos.

Also, the other “easy ways” to import contacts are at the mercy of the different applications involved. I seem to have trouble with disagreement over which field is which, and I can’t immediately tell who is the source of truth.

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That would be a good place, once my attempts get above embarrassing. I already made myself a small corner on Purism’s Gitlab for my tweaked display scaling scripts.

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OK, so nano SIM, hence physically compatible with the Librem 5 (and just about any recent phone).