Sim problem Purism Librem 5 Evergreen

Hello Forum,

The Librem 5 arrived a couple of days ago without any problems.

I’ve been using it for a couple of days now, getting to know how it works and overall I’m satisfied, I know that designing a phone with such unique features as the Librem 5 is not easy.

There are some bugs that I think will be solved with time but the most important one is with the sim that ended up broken.

I had it one day connected by wifi and it is quite stable, loading updates and applications from the Pure OS Store, but the phone gets a bit hot and the consumption is a bit high (I guess the INX8 chip consumes).
Now I am going to talk about the call and data problems. With the sim the data was not stable and after a while I stopped having internet and to get it back I either restarted or had to activate or deactivate the phone settings.

It doesn’t make or receive calls, sms if they seem to work I sent a couple and another phone received them.

I am from Spain and have Vodafone.

I put the sim in my other Oneplus phone and this one does not detect it, it seems that the sim chip has been damaged.

I will keep an eye on the forum in case there are any similar incidents.

Did you insert the SIM card with the phone on or was it off. If you inserted it while it’s on there is a good chance you damaged it. I think there is another thread about this someplace. I would probably even remove the battery to be even more sure.

If I inserted the sim when it was powering up, it is possible that the sim was damaged by static, I might not have thought about it.
I will try again with another prepaid sim with the battery removed.

thanks for the suggestion.