SIM & SD card tray stuck on Librem 5

I’ve said it before but my suggestion is: Get rid of the tray altogether. Move the SIM slot and the uSD slot to behind the battery (as the OpenPGP slot already is).

That solves a range of problems.


This is illusory as solution for the actual problem some users are facing as it would require a complete redesign of some areas of the hardware, including the PCB.

Another option which comes into my mind: Go to a local mobile phone repair shop. Of course, this will be the first time that they see any Purism L5, but they have the tools and the experience.

How this ended up or how it was solved?

It didn’t, it wasn’t.

Sorry for crossposting, I originally replied in a non-related thread.

I also had this problem and I was afraid I’d break something by just applying force. @joao.azevedo at support encouraged me to wiggle the tray, something I so far hadn’t had any success with. But since that was the official solution, I decided to try again. This is how my problem was solved.

My SIM was stuck in a position where I could not grab the tray itself, only the black part that has some play. Therefore I made myself a simple tool by slitting a piece of stiff plastic, so that I could reach behind the outer part.

Then I used the tool to wiggle the tray while alternating between mostly pulling and sometimes pushing. It took a while, like a couple of minutes, but eventually the tray did come out.

Before inserting the tray again, I rounded off the back side edges of the SIM card so they would not catch on something. My tray now slides in and out easily, as it should.

Probably related: My SIM was delivered as a bigger card with smaller form factors pre-cut. It could be that it was too thick even though I got the correct outline of a nano SIM. These are 0.1 mm thinner than other SIMs.


I recently purchased a larger capacity microSD (as 32 GB was way to small even for 2017) and it came a little thicker on the back than typical cards. It was harder than usual to fit in, and I had trouble opening the tray too. The bump on the microSD was either getting caught, or had a lot more friction

How I solved this, is with the phone screen down, I used the SIM extractor to push the tray out as far as I could by pushing it in as deep as I could. The trick was to then pull out the extractor tool most of the way, and angle it in the hole a little diagonally to then try to pull on the tray a little bit further out. This made enough space on the other side to slide in my iSesame or a fingernail between the tray and the phone. You may need to apply a little downward pressure on the tray with it, while also pulling it out at first, but now I’ve got it down to not need to do this. It’s all about the finesse.

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The smart card is a whole different story. Not sure how that will ever come out, which defeats the purpose of it.

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