SIM & SD card tray stuck on Librem 5

Hi there,
I just got my Librem 5 few days ago. I put my sd card in the tray without SIM, just to try it out.
Everything works great, including the sd card, but now, when I want to take the tray out again, I can’t.
When I press the pin in, it pops up, just enough to be able to grab it and pull it out, but when I try, it won’t move… I can press it back in and the sd card still works in the phone, but I can’t get it out again.

I was willing to take it apart to solve this somehow, but it seems that I have to take the tray out first in order to be able to disassemble it. And also, it’s new, I don’t want to break something and void the warranty.

So I’m asking, if anybody had any problems with the tray. Should I try to apply more force to get it out or will I probably end up breaking something? I’m guessing I have little choice then to contact the support and send it back, right?

Thanks for any advice.

I’ve found that if you place the phone on something soft face down, then you grab the tray and kind of wiggle it up and down gently while pulling it does come out…it seems the flush part of the tray (black peice) is loose on purpose because the slot doesn’t seem to be quite in alignment with the opening in the bezel and this motion allows you to remove it. I had the same issue with mine.

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I am also experiencing this issue. Unfortunately, gently wiggling the tray does not have any discernible effect.

There is a bit of a knack to it, but it can be done…I’m assuming the more you do it the easier it might get? But clearly a bit of a design flaw. I don’t always get it out on the first couple tries…but all I can say is that because there is play between the tray and the bezel part that you see when it is closed means you have to find just the right angle to get it to come out the rest of the way.

Maybe a hardware engineer can shed some light on the proper technique?

Update: the black piece has now come off the tray, leaving the tray and SD card stuck inside the phone.

Can you post a photo of this?

I think something else that happens with this is the sim card gets slightly off kilter and blocks the tray from sliding out…it’s like the potato masher stuck in the kitchen drawer idea.

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I thought I’d check out whether it was any different for my L5. It isn’t. I wiggled and did, but the tray refused to come out. I’m guessing this will be the same for most L5’s out there.

I didn’t want to break my tray, so I didn’t force anything. But I think you are right about the sim (or the sd) card preventing the tray from sliding out, rather than the tray itself being stuck - it came out easily when there was no card inserted. Nevertheless, a bit of a design flaw.

I remember when I got my phone and first inserted the SIM card, I thought it was rather loose in there and had to be super steady to insert it without it jamming, so I think that’s why when I removed mine I had the phone face down because from what I remember that’s how the SIM tray inserts so that the top of the SIM card faces the back of the phone. I think they need to redesign the tray and maybe offer a replacement that holds the SIM firmly in the tray and that would eliminate this issue.


Ib second that! A replacement tray would be a nice gesture. Advice on how to remove the tray without breaking something (the upside-down methode did not work for me), is also most welcome.

I have a SD card and a SIM in my L5. I was in Feb in Cuba and got from friends a cuban SIM. The change went smoothly, also the change back on my return to home. I have a 2nd L5 without any cards in the tray and will have a look where are the contacts for the cards and what could prevent to slide out when cards are in the slide.

I really think it’s just that the SIM card pops out of the tray and gets jammed against the bezel above the slot cutout so I think you have to hold the phone perfectly still on a surface and very gently insert the SIM tool and try not to jostle it too much so that the SIM slips out of place. Just a thought but maybe after popping the sim tray with the paperclip if you lightly shake the phone it might promote the sim card to fall back into place before finally removing it?

If you put the L5 with the display down on the table and slide out the carriage, you look at the contacts of both cards and the border of the carriage of half millimeter high should hold the cards in place. Below the cards is a metallic plate and I cant imagine that this contacts or shocks below with something which prevents to move the carriage out.

So, If I were you my best strategy would be to put the L5 display down and before popping out the carriage knock a bit with the finger (not with an hammer :slight_smile: ) on the backside of the L5 so that the SIM or SD falls back into its borders. And then popping it out.

Maybe someone of support (@joao.azevedo) could comment on this and give a better advice.


I have one of these old feeler gauges in the shed - maybe I could slide that between the sim card and the bit it gets stuck behind.

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Just an information about SIM: I had a mini SIM card and cut it to a nano SIM card (worked fine so far). But when I did, I also read that mini and micro SIM are little bit thicker than nano SIM. That could also make some troubles. This is may no problem in your case, but something that’s may good to know.

I don’t recall cutting my sim. Probably a nano.

I’ll state the obvious here but please remove the battery before using the feeler gauge!! Lol.

Good advice! :smile: