Simcard on Librem 5/Liberty Phone

Does purism support any sim card in librem5 and liberty phone as long as it has 4g and 5g lte? example I’m in the Philippines if I use a simcard with 5g support will it work with librem 5?

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Librem 5 still not support 5G, however 5GSimCard it may work on 4G or 3G.


The result will ultimately be determined by the mobile network provider that you are getting the SIM from.

If you have a current phone that does not have 5G support then it would be sensible to test the SIM in that first. Then you will have achieved two things:

  • demonstrated that the mobile network provider is happy to let you fall back to 4G when the mobile device does not support 5G, and
  • established a baseline for fault isolation if the SIM does not work in the Librem 5.

The SIM ultimately identifies you, the subscriber, and nothing more. The mobile network provider then determines what services are associated with that subscriber and what restrictions apply to those services.

Of course the SIM has to be the correct size (nanoSIM aka 4FF).

Some mobile network providers may restrict what IMEIs can use their service. The IMEI identifies the phone and is independent of the SIM.