SIMple plan data cap - no unlimited data?

My SIM transfer went great, everything worked automatically with Pixel 6a.
However, after going over the data limit, it completely disconnects from mobile data. This results in a ! Mark on the mobile signal strength status icon because it cannot connect to network using cellular.
Support said this is because of the hard data limit.
On the last carrier, there was unlimited slower data. I originally had issues where that unlimited slower data was 5kbps and below, almost unusable but that issue went away and it would go to 30kbps.

I couldn’t get support to explain if this is just how it is now. I see all other plans, even ATT prepaid plans have the slower unlimited data after you go over the limit as well.

Can anyone confirm this? It seems like the only way to test is to upgrade the plan or wait for the start of next cycle to see if I can connect again. Also when I query my data totals via text it returns this:

Data [MB]: 1,024 of 1,024
Data [MB] Overage: 4,347

Thanks everyone!

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How do you do this?

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It is one of the codes you call:

. *3282# (*DATA #) to receive a text with your data usage information.


Looks like the terms and conditions state:

“The LTE Data allocated to the SIMple and SIMple-Plus plans is capped. Once all the monthly data allotment is used, services requiring data will not be available until the next billing cycle unless the device is connected to a dedicated Wi-Fi router or additional add-on data is purchased from Purism”

I wonder how I got the unlimited slowed data before on SIMple… Oh well. Looks like I’ve gotta upgrade… It seems like any plan other than the AWEsim one is now borked with the hard cap compared to any other prepaid plan out there.

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Before they switched to AT&T as their backbone, they just throttled the data, but it seems that their new plan with AT&T requires that they have a hard cap.

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