Simplex-chat on Librem 5?

Hello, I think Simplex-Chat is a new very secure messenger without idendifiers. But there are only stable clients for Android and iOS and beta-clients for Linux desktop (non Elektron). The desktop-client works without linking to a smartphone. The goal is that you can link the client optionally and can use video and phonecall also in the desktop client. Mayby this could be an alternative to Signal and Matrix (also decentral, but without metadata-problems etc.)? How we can use it on Librem 5? Waydroid works, but there is no Camera in Waydroid and scanning QR-Codes is easier than to copy and paste codes for every contact. And without camera no video-call etc.

Another problem is that my bluetooth headset microphone doesn’t works with the Librem 5 (But on Fedora Desktop there is a profile for that). Maybe an other cable headset works, I haven’t tried.


I couldn’t find is simplex is free software

I believe it is, here is the link to the GNU license.

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Version 3, 19 November 2007

Copyright (C) 2007 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

but I am concern about this paragraph on LICENSE file:

Everyone is permitted to copy and distribute verbatim copies
of this license document, but changing it is not allowed.

the license document not the software self? Or what is the Problem? I am not a licence expert :slight_smile:

That is just plain normal. :slight_smile:

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AFAIK simplex work on recent android versions. Did you install linux-desktop version?

Have you considered Gnu Jami?

is a working software available for Win, MacOs, iOS, Android, AndroidTV Gnu/linux.
I have it installed on Librem 5. Nowadays I make audio calls, send files (audio, txt, images). It is difficult write text because the GUI doesn’t fit well on screen.


I installed the Desktop version of simplex only on my x86-64 desktop and there it works. I haven’t tried to build an arm64 version for the librem 5, I don’t know how I can do that, I mean there is no documentation for that.

Is jami basically SIP?

Jami, is Voice/Video over IP app. It have instant messaging too, but it doesn’t replace SMS.
plus is a SIP client

Would this be the same as half-duplex chat? (Time to duck)


From what I’ve read so far it sounds a lot like the GNUnet Messenger (at least the premise that you don’t need to identify yourself before using it). But it seems they already have working relays to workaround NAT traversal issues.

I would add the note for everyone interested though. In the GNUnet Messenger you can identify yourself via signatures on your own sent messages. So impersonation can be prevented.

Also I don’t really like the claim “100% private by design”. Even though it doesn’t seem to use a specific identifier for its users. You will still potentially get identified via your IP address or traffic analysis unless you combine it with onion routing or some other proxy infrastructure.

However I definitely like the concept to open chats via physical exchange of key material. That should be more common in my opinion.


Bumping, I’d be interested in trying out the GUI SimpleX client on Librem 5 but I couldn’t find any instructions on cross compiling.

You can use the desktop or Terminal app.

Thanks, I’m not going to use a CLI version, let alone on a small touch screen.

As for the desktop app, which one should I use on Librem5?

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Try the .deb first, then if it fails, the AppImage.

Current packages are either arm64 or x86_x64, not aarch64, and MacOS aarch64 is not suitable.

I could use anbox and apk but that’s going to be very slow.

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So basically, another Briar situation.

SimpleX devs are happy to work with Pinephone, no news yet on Librem5

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Hi librem5_gebruiker1,

seems like you just need some time to wait for the next Updates of Chatty. The Developer of the pinephone App, deliver a Patch for Chatty too.

A week ago, to Quote his Website:

" [PATCH sxmo-utils 01/11] apps: add Chatty"
“Chatty is Purism’s multi-protocol instant messaging client.”
So be patient.

Thank you for your Question. I missed SimpleX, but will use it in future too.

Have a good Time!




And to be pedantic, the answer is “No”. Half-Duplex communication is like a walkie-talkie – communication is two-way but only one at a time. Although there is some confusion, simplex communication typically describes one-way only (e.g. television broadcast antenna to a TV antenna + set).

And for a mathematician, a “simplex” is the abstraction of a triangle to higher dimensions (triangle, tetrahedron, …). See “simplicial homology” (in topology) and “simplex algorithm” (in Linear Programming / Linear Algebra).

But … it’s none of those. I think this was “Simple” “X” concatenated to SimpleX. :wink:

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