Since updating CoreBoot/Heads ROM, immediate shut down when PureOS starts

On my Librem Mini, I reflashed the CoreBoot/Heads ROM from the file I downloaded from the site (and made sure to pick the version for my Librem Mini V1), then re-signed the Boot files, then updated my Shared Secret. Now, when I Boot, I do get the flashing green light on my Librem Key (good), and I can open the OS Boot menu, and I can choose my installed PureOS to Boot. But then as soon as PureOS starts to Boot, my Librem Mini immediately shuts down.

Has anyone experienced this? Any ideas?



please contact us at: with your order number and a description of the issue

@JeromeMorrow have you managed to solve this in any way?

I am facing the same issue on a brand new Librem Mini (v2). Bootloader launches but then immediately shuts down as if it lost power. Tried to boot into the recovery mode, but with the same issue.