SIP Phone Application for Librem 5: recommendations wanted

My Librem 5 has arrived and I want to use my existing SIP (SIPgate Duesseldorf) account for telephony.
I did not find recent recommendations for “apps”:

What Application fits well / will work fine / is adapted to Librem 5 (in 2024)?
How to do the set up, what syntax to follow, any manual available?

I’d appreciate hints for existing websites (I missed) and good descriptions.

What would you recommend for SIP telephony?

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The default calls app works as a sip phone app just add the SIP account in the application settings.


Thanks for your hint, you’re right!
Too easy to comprehend …

Just start the phone application, not this “Chats”, choose VoIP accounts.

For SIPgate the settings are:
Server: (short form, not proxy syntax)
AngezeigterNameDisplayName mynickname
Benutzerkennung/user 1234567e0 (short identity, not fully qualified)
Password [your SIP pwd with SIPgate]
Port 0 (default)
Transport UDP (default)
enable telephony (telephony with a SIP phone account is deactivated by default on this telephone - !? )

If I have SIM-card and SIP phone operational side by side.
I can choose what service should be used for outgoing calls.
My Librem5 does not care - it uses the SIM card.
If I remove the SIM card the SIP accound works for outgoing calls
(Purism, you have a long way ahead of you … )

My first SIM call with significant duration (less than 2 h) took the battery display from 98 to 34 percent. So I connected an external “powerbank” by USB-C. Did recharge succesful. Short dropouts in the call appeared and suddenly the call acoustic was deaf for the other party for half a minute. Voice came back by itself. Effects disappeared when subsequently removing the external battery.
I love the Purism5 but do not know when to actually use it!?