Skip PureBoot Main Menu


Is there any possibility to entirely skip PureBoot Main Menu (i.e. only access the menu if holding a shortcut; still green LED signalizes that nobody has tampered the system) at boot-up?

Currently at each boot-up I first need to select “Default boot” and press enter before I can use my PIN to decrypt the hard disk and start with PureOS. Although this requires only a key press, it still feels like an avoidable, unnecessary action each time.

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Not at this moment, we are considering new UI/UX ideas for Pureboot. And this was one of the issues brought up. But there is no decision at this moment about this because there are some technical considerations.

But any drastic change in the Pureboot UI/UX will take sometime to finalize and implement.

Thank you very much for your kind reply. I am enjoying PureBoot now and I am looking forward to the developments to come.