Skype alternative

Have been looking around for a good and anonymous calling, text and file transfer app.Have seen purism has plans on working with it, but as any other service we need alots of people, so which app can we get people on, purism, jami or another. Also how much work is needed to make an a app call regular phone numbers like skype

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Good skype alternatives are abundant.

Rocket Chat is the first one that comes to mind, but it is much more than a VOIP or video calling platform. It is a direct competitor to Slack.

I’m not sure (as I haven’t updated my instance) but Mattermost should be another. Last time I checked they were working on their video conferencing capabilities.

Both platforms do file sharing very well. You can use them as clouds if you wish, as they have excellent search functionality.

Edit: and duh as @taylor-williamc mentioned matrix is of course a good solution. So for the phone you shouldn’t even have to look for anything.

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Purism partnered with Matrix, and in my experience, the Riot Matrix client works just fine. I have used it for text messages, voice calls, video calls, and sending files.

Riot works on multiple platforms, too, and encrypted messaging does work, although it is kinda messy.

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