Skype on librem 15

Does pureOS allow installation of Skype? Can ubuntu snaps be installed?


Pure OS allows you to do anything you want.

It does not have snap nor Skype in its repository so you will have to find them elsewhere or compile them yourself but you are not prevented from doing this.

The purity of the system would be partially compromised by installing these, if the purity isn’t your priority but rather convenience/ease of use you may find another distro more to your liking.

Personally I like the ideals and goals of PureOS (and I hope it continues on the current path) I just don’t have the correct hardware nor workflow for it to be the best choice for myself at this time.

yesterday I’ve installed skype on my arch - which also doesn’t have it in the repos. Just download rpm/deb, extract usr/share/skypeforlinux directory and correct paths in usr/bin/skypeforlinux shell script (as I din’t put it into system rather left in my home)

A big fat yes to both of your questions. Skype works well just installing the deb you get from the skype website.

Snaps work well as well. Simply install snapd, and optionally the snap store.

PureOS is a great distro, because it is free of all the fluff, but you are free to use it exactly the way YOU want to.


If you haven’t already tried Jami

I highly encourage you to do so. I just had a nice video chat with my mom today. If your friends are still using proprietary communication tools, please make a list of essential features that a free software replacement would need to have for your use cases.


I did make a list of free software equivalents for the main applications I need. Surprisingly, many of them can do professional output.

Edit: @jastiv I chose to go with Jami.