Smaller Bezels for Librem 5

Has much thought been given to smaller bezels for the Librem 5? Most flagship phones from today have much smaller bezels than those of the mockups of the Librem 5. To make the Librem 5 “look” like a modern phone, I’d reccomend smaller bezels. Look at the Galaxy S8, iPhone X, Pixel 2, and LG G6. They all have tiny bezels.

Ugh. Please don’t do this. I hate the current trend towards tiny little bezels. It causes real problems, firstly that you can’t hold the damn thing without triggering touches at the edge of the screen and secondly that when you drop it, there’s much less structural material between the hard ground and the delicate screen.


Agreed with @TungstenFilament this is just fashion phase which compromised rigidity and usage. Number of time you can drop phone like this =1. We need solid phone for daily use with bezels just the right practical size. @blendergeek in right on the look , as it should not look outdated on release - there is many ways to achieve visually smaller bezels (tapered side of phone, metal rim etc.)


I think I agree with @pav here. I don’t want the bezels so small that they compromise the integrity of the phone. But we could make the top and bottom significantly smaller than in the mockups without compromising structural integrity. The top and bottom are unnecessarily large in the mockups.

I think the bezels that are shown on the mockups are prefect. I don’t want an infinity edge or whatever, it just makes handling the phone more annoying.

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tiny edge is a scam most phone companies use to get you to pay for repairs, no thanks

I’d have to say that smaller bezels are not going to go away. There’s been a movement in that direction for many years. I think any added risk to injury can be taken care of by a case or screen protector.

A phone like the Essential Phone is both really nice looking and allows you to consume media more effectively. So count me in with the smaller bezel crowd.

I showed them an Xperia Active crash test video on YouTube and @mladen seemed pretty excited to show it to the CEO to see if they would be able to use Dragonstrail glass instead of Gorilla (I don’t know how it compares to “modern” Gorilla Glass versions). We probably won’t have too many case options (there are a few generic/universals in this size area that might work, won’t know until final specs on the hardware are done), but there should at least be some coating options like Liquipel’s and generic/universal tempered glass screen protectors.