Smaller laptop is desired

I have had to use my older X230 for a while and it made me remember how much I really like the size and compactness of it. (It isn’t that small, I’ve been along time champion of the ultra portable class of PCs that came out. Coolest of course out of the bunch, was the OQO 01 and 02.) I really love the Librem 13. I really like how rigid and solid the construction is. I have no problem just picking the whole thing up with a corner or edge. On the X230 it is plastic and you can feel it flex. Not the best of feelings.

However, it would be great if there was a smaller than 13 inch model. If the Librem 11 tablet does in fact come back, then this is a moot request.

Anyone else here a fan of the more compact laptops?

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I’m definitely waiting for the Librem 11, which I am confident will return after the phone is more mature. I prefer a 15" laptop for most of my work, but for planes/trains, I think a tablet would be perfect.


I’d actually like a bigger laptop. My laptop for the past several years has had a 17.3" screen and I love the amount of space the screen gives me. I seem to remember finding a couple of other old posts on the forum about wanting a bigger laptop, but those never came to anything.
Maybe a poll is in order so we can see what the demand for different sizes is?


Huge +for 11". Just for clarity - I had lenovo 11" (core gen 2, it was rubbish, got broken in 9 months) so then i bought asus 3in1 12" (core gen 4) - tablet is useless but in general quite a nicely built and portable laptop.
I’ve moved then with a time to newer 14" (core gen 8) and realised it’s absolutely not portable. So i returned back to my ol’ 12" as lap top and the newer 14" is in fact a desk top.
But - even 12 is kinda bulky - so looking forward for 11" - that was real mobile/portable experience.


Absolutely. 11" is better.

I hope the Librem 11 uses an all aluminum body as well.

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I’m hoping for something like the convertible tablet they had advertised before which I think would cover the smaller laptop category. After thinking 12" was what I wanted for awhile I’ve now come to the conclusion that 11" would probably be a better size for me. I would like an aluminium body also.

@Jt0 I would find a poll interesting, especially if it includes a bunch of potential future products. Maybe “Which product would you like to see Purism make next”? Although I really hope it’s the tablet, cause I want that like now. :wink:

The big issue for me is the size of the keyboard. I find typing on screens to be a real hassle, so I need a physical keyboard that is big enough for my hands. In my experience, a 12" laptop is the minimum size that I can use productively.

The size they originally listed for the display was 11.6" I believe. If they were to go with that size, I’d be happy with that.