Smarter Every Day: "Is Your Privacy An Illusion?"

I saw this recommended and found it interesting (ironically no Odysee link available):

To be honest, I’m pretty skeptical of the app he advertises at the end of the video (it touts “open source coding” but won’t actually be open source for a while and is only being developed for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, with Linux “on the roadmap”) as well as the API they’re developing, but it’s good to see someone with such a high profile raising awareness. It’ll be interesting to see how serious he gets about privacy as the series continues.


I had a similar reaction to the app as you did. Even if the app works, I don’t know that it is all that useful. Like you, I was much more excited to see a high-profile “influencer” (I hate that term) bringing awareness to privacy. And since the kickstarter has far surpassed its goal that may show other companies that people are willing to pay for privacy.


Agreed, it’s great to see this channel leaning further into privacy related content.

I think those of us on the forum arent necessarily the intended audience right now (and not just because Linux isnt an option for the app) - when checking the kickstarter and watching the video I was seeing a lot of things we already have solutions/apps/methods for.

What I am interested in is how easy it would make things for my non-technical friends to get involved without having to go through say 3 to 4 different programs (ie password manager, self host xmpp, pgp for emails). had more details I was interested in compared to the video(s), and I’ll be curious what the pricing model is outside of the kickstarter phase.

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