SMS App not working

I just got my Librem 5 the other day and have been having some fun. But the sms app is not working properly. It crashes 80% of the time, and when it does open it fails to send sms messages.

Is this a known issue? How would I go about debugging the issue?


Perhaps the best option is to install the latest revision and its debug symbols from (you can find deb packages as CI artifacts), install systemd-coredump, try to reproduce, then retrieve the backtrace using coredumpctl and report it on GitLab.

I’ll see if I can make that work. Calls seem to work fine, receiving messages work fine, but not sending. I do have a little orange exclamation mark on top of my single level in the top left, not sure what that means.

I have not seen the orange exclamation mark myself, but others have reported that it means that cell data service is not available. Maybe cell data needs to work for SMS to work. The SMS app should do something other than crash though. In that link, someone had some tips that might clear the exclamation mark.

Chats has been crashy for for a couple of weeks (I update daily). The crashes seem largely random, but often happen when I close via swipe up an adjacent app in the list.

Alright, so I discovered that the Chatty app was not crashing on launch as I first thought. It just takes a long time to load that app. Sometimes 20 seconds plus. I have between 200-300 contacts on Librem 5, would this be slowing it down?

As for messaging failing to send, I got a sim card from a different network provider and sending SMS messages works with this provider, but not my current one. Any idea why that may be?