Cellular strenght sign with yellow exclamation mark

This morning my L5 received me with a small yellow exclamation mark shown above the cellular network strength symbol which is on the most left in the top status line. It did not helped to toggle the HKS. A reboot made it disappear. What did the exclamation mark wanted to say me?

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You’re not the only one. I’ve had it this week, ever since updating after receiving L5. One of several little things that don’t seem to be documented or have any message/hint. My investigation points towards it indicating if your mobile data is on or not (toggled from settings).

IMHO, It would be more convenient and logical to have that too toggled from top bar, like wifi BT and cell.

Before rebooting I switched off/on the modem’s HKS (as I said) and looked into the settings of Mobile. Both, Mobile Data and Data Roaming were enabled, ON.

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That is curious. In mine, when I toggle mobile data on/off the orange exclamation appears and disappears immediately.

Yep, when I toggle Mobile Data off, after a short moment the exclamation mark appears and goes away again when I set it to on again.

It came with the last update of Phosh 0.17.0


To be fair, this is exactly how my android phone works.

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Switch apn settings around (switch from one APN profile back to the one you are using) temporarily, without reboot, that fixes it for me every time and as @guru mentioned toggling mobile data also can reset that. It seems to not be 100% robust yet, especially when switching between 3G only and 4G only mobile data isnt reestablished automatically, always- at least based on the indicator.

It seems that this sign (exclamation mark) comes and goes away again by its own following the coverage of network and 4G.

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