SMS from terminal

Is it possible? What is the command syntax?
I would like to try and build a simple application to remotely pilot an home automation device (open the gate, deactivate the alarm, …). I just have to send coded messages to the control unit.

I recall using ModemManager CLI to do some SMS actions.

check the manpage of mmcli.

Some links : ( I did not try this one )

Great. I will try … I wouldn’t even mind to use the python interface, but mmcli feels more immediate.

At the moment ModemManager CLI cannot be used for the purpose since Chats fetches the SMS created so, when you enter:
sudo mmcli -s X --send
you get the error:
error: couldn't find SMS at '/org/freedesktop/ModemManager1/SMS/X': 'not found in any modem'
In order to send the SMS via command line you must first kill chatty daemon.
A bug fixes request has been created
We have to wait.

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Nice findings thanks for the follow up.