SMS on Linux laptop via Librem5?

I am wondering for those of us who will have a Linux laptop as well as a Librem5, will there be a capability to send texts via the desktop similar to that of Mac OS?

If anyone knows or has insight, that will be great to know.


Unless you’re expecting PureOS to bundle in that capability (I personally would not), it would be a question of:

  1. Identifying some 3rd party software that provides this functionality.
  2. Ensuring the software identified in step 1 is Free Software

to the search engines…

For what it’s worth, iMessage is not SMS as far as I know. SMS requires a cellular carrier, and so is almost certainly relying on non-libre tools somewhere.

Matrix, which PureOS has partnered with, would (and already does) allow WiFi messaging across laptop and mobile.

You can read more about Purism’s messenger work here:

I think you are right. It essentially works off of wifi and Apple’s accounts. That being said, I would love to have a similar level of performance with our linux laptops and Librem phones.

Perhaps KDEconnect could be ported…


Yeah, this would be awesome. It plays well with Plasma mobile, so It shouldnt be that complicated to Do this.

Have you looked at Signal?

The advantage of this app it will work on Android, iPhone, Linux, and windows. It ties into the SMS functions on the phone and it is encrypted. The only disadvantage is whoever you want to communicate with must also be using it.

For what it’s worth, Signal cannot send SMS through the desktop application - the desktop application can only send messages to other Signal users. Only the phone app can send SMS (because SMS goes through the cellular carrier)

I think KDEconnect is the correct
you’d probably have to first reply to notifications (like on android) then port the function into KDEconnect

We got this app for android to bridge to Matrix chats.

perhaps we can do something similar to the Librem 5

There’s several web2SMS provider out there (I’m using one of them already), so we can pre-pay a bundle and use it from the web browser anyway. My SMS are anonymous, i can type any name i want as “sender”.
The only issue is that i have to log in to their web page each time i want to send a text.

It would be nice if Librem5 had an interface (app) to send web2SMS to make it more convenient for users.

I really need to get notifications from my Raspberry control system to my Android phone but it seems impossible to avoid an operator. I would be glad to hear that Librem 5 has a solution but it is OK if it would be possible to use WiFi or our local network as long as I am within reach.

If some kind of server is needed it must be a non-US (EU) server. Sorry, but the legislation in US is much worse than in EU.

You could host your own Matrix server. As far as I know, you could set it up to be totally private, where no one else would have access to the messages, they could be encrypted, and you’d be able to receive notifications on your phone via WiFi.