SMS sound with echo?

On my L5 running Byzantium I have a short song as notification sound for arriving SMS.

What I observe is that when SMS arrives while the display is off everything sound like expected (playing the song as I know it).

But if the screen is already on and the phone unlocked the song is played with a strong echo effect applied to it.

Can anybody confirm this observation? Any ideas why and how to remove the echo effect?

You mean, played twice?

Sounds like

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It’s hard to say for me. It sounds like an echo. If the song would be played twice at nearly the same time it probably could lead to this effect.

I guess chatty wouldn’t emit feedback if the phone is locked? Would that be the explanation why it only happens with the screen unlocked?

I could do a recording of a few seconds if that’d help to judge the situation. Or is there a way to see that two processes are playing a sound if the screen is unlocked?

Maybe it is the man in the middle attack echoing the transmission? (This is humor.)

Yes, I have it too, in my case for the default SMS sound.