SMTP Password?!?

Hello Purism Community
I had a question regarding the mailing service for the I haven’t looked at my email client in a while but I decided to send an email and I get this window in thunderbird asking for Outgoing Server SMTP Server Password. I don’t recall setting one and when I put my Librem.One password in it rejects it. Does anyone know what this is referring to because I am lost. Many thank you’s in advance.

Hi @brandonrosano,

Look at your SMTP Settings. The server should be set to For Thunderbird, look at Tools-Account Settings-Outgoing Server.

Your password should be the same password to retrieve email (or used with Librem Social, etc).

This page should help - .

If you have email outside of Librem.One then send yourself an email from outside and confirm that you can receive email in Librem.One i.e. confirm that your account and password is even working at all.

Don’t forget to get the username correct, as well as the password.

Also, remember that you can have multiple outgoing mail servers in Thunderbird and each incoming mail account in Thunderbird associates with its choice of one of those outgoing mail servers. So make sure that a) it is set up the way you want it and b) you know which outgoing mail server is asking for a password.

Librem Mail is a paid service, if your subscription is expired, you get SMTP error.
Librem Chat and Librem Social are free services.
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Thanks everyone for your suggestions. Sorry I am a bit late to respond I was able to solve it with a very simple solution of changing the password on the Librem.One site and saving it to the password manager found in Thunderbird.