Snap instances not working

Has anyone had any luck with snap instances working properly on PureOS?

I’ve tried Brave, Chromium, and Mailspring and all of them crash/close on start up.

I never played with snaps, so can only speculate. But it is likely that the snaps have the same requirements on the kernel side as the normal packages. I assume that Brave and Chromium both need the kernel namespaces.

So, if you only follow the first steps in my howto, maybe that makes the snap(s) work. If not, just follow all the steps and you have Brave :wink:

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Thanks! I actually have brave installed based on your guide.

Just stinks that snaps don’t seem to work. They appear to be super convenient.

Given Purism’s ties to GNOME, I would think Flatpak’s are the way to go over snaps.

Agreed. Just not all applications are available between the two formats.