So how many 14's?

So how many folks on here are awaiting a Librem 14 laptop? Would love to see postings here when you receive your confirmation email, when you receive the laptop, etc, just like everyone awaiting the L5’s. I will certainly post myself when I get an email concerning my L14.

-raises hand (Ordered 2 July)

Big improvements that I’m very keen on:
-screen being able to open nearly flat (180 degrees)
-64gb RAM (dual channel)
-improved hinge and switches
-10th gen CPU 6 core and 12 threads
-same size as the Librem 13. I like my computer as compact as possible.


As already written in another thread: I pre-ordered on 6 July and wait patiently for the confirmation email.

@Freedom_Right (Hope it’s okay to mention you here) has pre-ordered on 7 July.

So as soon as the confirmation emails are sent, we should know it quickly in the forum, laugh :wink:

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Preordered in July. Hoping it gets here before xmas. Wondering if purism can add the ability to use next day North American shipping as post around xmas is generally slow here in canuckistan - I’de buy that for a dollar (or even a couple of hundred)!

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Before Xmas would be great! Figure emails should begin to go out this coming week, hopefully. Then shipments the following week.

(Hope it’s okay to mention you here)

According to Librem 14 Status Update, they should have received CPUs one week ago and produced EVT (Engineering Validation Test) samples with new main boards right now, so we could already hope in some internal photos, as they did for L5.