Librem 14 - Questions and wonder

When I pre-ordered my Librem 14 I had an assumption that it would include power adapter with it as I had to choose the correct type. But now when configuring L14 it says “Power Adapter Plug” instead of “Power Adapter”.
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Does this mean that I have to buy a separate “Power Adapter” to charge the laptop? It would be kinda ridiculous that a 1500$ laptop wouldn’t include a charger.

On the “Librem 14 Shipping in December” post it was said:

We also hope to finish some fresh Librem 14 prototypes in about a week, so we can share new pictures of the design.

It has been a month, I’m patiently still waiting for those prototype pics.


Of course there will be a ‘brick’ included :wink: No worries.

Concerning the prototype situation, yes, it is super unfortunate - the design has finished quite some time ago, most supplies arrived totally in time but we suffered from some delays sourcing the CPUs (Intel shortages) and afterwards it took a while, after the PCBs incl. CPUs have been assembled, for testing at the factory. The device are now finally on their way to us and we expect them to arrive shortly.



Do you mean the assembled laptops themselves? That’s good news indeed.



I’d love to have mine before Christmas!!!

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So any Librem 14 pics of assembled final laptops? All the parts Purism was waiting for arrived now?

So have the laptops arrived yet?

Any updates on those prototype pics? 17 days for me at least exceeds the time frame of “shortly”.


Agreed, especially since they will supposedly begin shipping in less than 4 weeks?

I would also be happy about some news. When does the shipping start? Will all pre-orderers receive their delivery this year?

@Kyle_Rankin, @nicole.faerber

I pre-ordered a L14 on 7 July, five days after the launch of pre-orders, so I should be among the first to receive a message for confirming my shipping address.
When I get, I write here. :wink:


6 July here. Let’s see who is the first :stuck_out_tongue:


i’m waiting for my 14 inch brick too :sweat_smile:

It has been 2 months since the “Librem 14 Shipping in December” post where it was said that Purism would publish pictures of the Librem 14 prototypes “in about a week” and a month since you said the device would arrive “shortly”.
This isn’t a good sign as if you can’t even get prototype pictures published in time, how can you expect us to believe that you are capable to start shipping in time?

Why shouldn’t you? They’ve still got almost 7 weeks to get the librem 14 out the door.

Well the latest said mid December, so with the shortened holiday week, I’d say they have ~3 weeks to begin shipping.
I’m guessing the whole staff is focused on getting the L5’s out the door along with L5 emails, then some/most focus will turn to the L14, maybe after Dec 1st? But, just guessing.

But yes, we all love what the wonderful staff at Purism is accomplishing, and wish them all the best, but simple communication to customers is not their strong suit.

Sometimes, even a weekly update stating there are no changes, and that shipping will begin on ~December 15 is still the plan, is good communication and helps prevent eager customers from throwing hissy fits (like me) :laughing:

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