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So I have a Mastodon and Friendica instance. I follow quite a few people from the mastodon instance through my mastodon instance account.

Friendica should be able to federate interchangeably with Mastodon (according to the federation statistics it is doing that with 478 instances currently) and this is the case, so far, with every mastodon instance I follow except for

I’m curious if the instance is locked down to ONLY federate with Mastodon instances? Has anyone been able to interact with a account using anything other than a mastodon client? (Plemora, Diaspora, etc.)

I can see my Librem One account from NextCloud’s Social app (I have my own NextCloud server).

Might the Friendica server have blocked due to content policy (i.e. Purism’s hands-off approach to moderation)?

Is that a mastodon client?

As an irrelevant aside, I have a NextCloud server (well 2 of them) both not public facing at all.

It is my Friendica server and I have not ever even considered doing that.

Ah, sorry, I missed that you were the one hosting it. I dunno then

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I am considering hosting my own Mastadon instance. The idea would be to build a community, starting with my own family and friends and moving forward to including their family and friends, etc… My theory is that the better and more fair of a host I can be, the more successful the platform might become. I am not so much even interested in monetization of it. It’s more about learning how to build community.

What’s it like to run your own Mastadon instance? Has your platform grown? Does it take a lot of your time to keep it running? How do you use your platform?

NextCloud Social is not a Mastodon client, but it can see other things on the Fediverse (like Mastodon).

So it is basically just activitypub compliant and would fit into the same category as something like Fedilab. Not quite what I mean.

I’m talking about posting from something other than Mastodon (regardless of the client used) account, to a Mastodon account.

The case I’m specifically talking about is commenting on a Mastodon post using a Friendica account. It doesn’t seem to work.

My Mastodon server is hosted through Mastohost and so the rigors of installing and upgrading are taken care of by someone else. Really good service, and guy behind it.

Friedica is running on a Linode VM I’m renting. (Very affordable. It is $5 a month) Cool thing about the Linode thing, it they’ll let me download the whole VM, if I decide I want to host it on my own hardware.

I could run both of these on my house, but with only one internet connection I only have so many ports, etc. I am hosting quite a lot of other things on my home hardware.

However to answer your question, Mastodon can be a bit of a pain to set up, and update. If you are not comfortable doing sysadmin like work, then going the Mastohost route is what I would recommend.

$5 is fat, I was so pissed with my VPS provider after they raised monthly fee from 3.1 to $3.2. So pissed that I fenced my laziness and found better specd VPS for $3
I still cannot find a reason for own mastodon. I understand xmpp where the conversation is private, but public messages?

One reason is so you can have total control over which other servers you’re connected to. Mastodon admins can “silence” or “suspend” other instances, which can make it difficult or impossible to have conversations with accounts on those instances.

Right. That could be possible. I am just bewildered at why my instance would be blocked.

Now it could be a server issue on my end, and I’m not ruling that out. But it does federate with everything and the logs are clear.

If only Mastodon instances published a list of suspended or silenced instances by default… I remember asking for that, or at least supporting the request, years and years ago.

If you go to the about page of a Mastodon instance, without being logged into, I believe that page will show you any instances blocked there.

Edit: Scratch that, it seems Friendica servers do that, not Mastodon.

So no one able to test this? Anyone able to post to a account from anything other than a Mastodon instance? (Diaspora, Friendica, etc.)

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