Software "store" application doesn't open after applying updates

Librem 15 rev2; PureOS 2.1 installed via bootable ISO downloaded on 9/17/16.

  1. First, I needed to fix Terminal (wouldn’t open). Used xterm to correct the contents of /etc/locale and /etc/locale.gen. Then ran locale-gen to apply.
  2. Second, I wanted to apply the latest fixes. Ran apt-get update. Then ran apt-get upgrade to apply the updates.

I noticed the Software (App store) application no longer functions. Similar to the Terminal issue, it doesn’t open. Is this a known issue, or did I do something wrong to mess things up?


dmesg output…
[ 572.441147] traps: gnome-software[2944] trap int3 ip:7f7c9968b101 sp:7ffd79adf740 error:0

launch attempt from Terminal…
david@purism:~$ gnome-software

(gnome-software:4363): Gs-ERROR **: CSS parsing error: not a number
Trace/breakpoint trap

Hi David,

It appears this is an upstream bug already reported to Debian:
I believe the fix will be soon available.