Software updates - librem 14

New Librem 14 customer. Looking to keep my new machine running smoothly,

It obviously came pre configured with a lot of software.

When I go to the software center in the UI (I type it in), it shows that I have 40+ updates needed.

Yet, when I try to update from the UI, nothing seems to happen. I am wondering if this could be why I am facing issues with simple browsing, etc.

Is there any best practice recommendation? Should I be using commands from the terminal to update everyithing to make sure it is current, before I start using the machine a lot.

Just looking to keep what was pre-installed, up to date as much as possible.

try invoke:
sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade
report any errors shown, please.

from gui it usess unattended updates, which means it need to reboot to install updates.
gui flow is -> every 6 am , there is a job that checks updates. then notification is shown.
you have select download in ui, it will download packaes and button changes to reboot and install
you should press it to reboot laptop.
laptop will reboot, you have unlock your encrypted disk, so automatic job will do actual update and reboot again.

it’s worth to run Software & Uptades app, and in updates set:
automatically check for updates: daily
when there are security updates: download and install automatically

Thank you! This helped me.