Software Updates / Pure Boot - Why This Every Time?


When the notice pops up on my computer that OS software updates are ready I install them. Should I have to do this every time? (Below)

  1. After the restart, I get a red screen that says I need to update my “check sums” whatever that is. So I hit yes - update.

  2. Then I get another red screen that says my “boot entries” have changed and that I have to set a new default. I hit - set new default.

  3. I get a long list of computery options and I select the first one which says something like PureOS GNU Linux whatever…

  4. Then it gives me a yellow screen and says I need to “confirm my boot details” and asking if I want to boot the option I just selected or make that my default. Default seems like the right choice so I select that.

  5. The computer boots up like it usually does prior to the OS software updates.

Is there a way to do the software updates without doing this every time? I find it tedious.

Thank you.

this only happens for updates which touch files in /boot. Pureboot signs and verifies the files in /boot. If an update touches them, then you need to re-sign - otherwise there’s no point

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Thank you. I was sure there was a logical explanation. I was mostly just complaining about an action that required some extra effort on my part, minimal as it was. :smile:

And for anyone wanting to know more about the why and how of PureBoot, Purism has a guide document at the link below.