[SOLD] Librem 5 for sale(499$ + shipping)

I have a Librem 5 Evergreen. I ordered it a long time ago and while I really wanted it to work, it doesn’t fit my needs like I had hoped it would. I have used the phone for a few months and recently reflashed it back to its factory state. Since I was one of the kickstarters of the project, I paid only 599$ for it, since it is used, I’m taking 100$ off. I would prefer local delivery(SF s. bay area), but will ship.


Hey, I’d be interested in taking this the phone off your hands!

For those who aren’t sure, this means the southern end of San Francisco “Bay Area” (California USA).

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Can you please send me an email so we can discuss details(villmow.products at gmail dot com).

Have you sold this phone or is it still for sale?

Sorry, it has been sold.

Did you rate your UX here?

done, phone shows great promise, just not what I need now.