[SOLD] Librem 5 for sale in the EU (the Netherlands)

Librem 5 evergreen for sale, as good as new, in box. It’s only left the box for a day or two to try it out, never been on the road with it. Turns out I don’t even enjoy using a bulky smartphone - went back to my old flip phone which fits in my front pocket and can handle a beating.

I’d like to get 500 euros for it, which is the price I paid for it.

I’m in the Eindhoven area, picking it up would be preferable. If that’s not possible, shipping is an option too but I’d have to charge shipping fees.

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I’m interested! Just registered after years of lurking here. Now let’s see how I can reach out in person…

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I see I am not allowed to send personal messages yet. Could you perhaps reach out to me?


Get yourself to trust level 1 by participating in the Purism community forums a little longer.

I sent you a direct message. You should be able to reply to that

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This has been sold, could someone close the topic?

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