[Sold] Librem 5 - Greece

The box has been opened and I used it very few times.
I backed this phone expecting it to run similarly to Librem13, which is not the case.
The phone is back into the box, with battery out of the device, and waiting for some Linux lover to make use of it.
Located in Greece. Available to meet and check it’s in perfect state.
I bought it 0.1247 btc. I sell it for sale 763€ only.
(579€ to buy a fairphone and 184€ was the income tax).

PS: I’m editing this post as i receive questions below.


The price of the L5 has been USD $599 which are more or less EUR €490 and not €579, just my thoughts on this offer.

And OP explained exactly why the price is what it is. Plenty fair, just my thoughts on this offer.


The seller is earning some profit: $599->€516.47 + €123.95 (24% import duty in Greece) + any extra fees charged by the delivery company

However, it is still a good price, when considering that the seller had to wait 4 years to obtain the phone. Plus, the price of the L5 just rose to $1199 and there is now a 12 month lead time for new orders (according to the web store).

Wow, 1200$??? That’s quite crazy!

You should state explicitly which modem it has. We can make assumptions but …

Ultimately the market decides whether it is correctly priced.

Some complications though: Presumably if someone in Greece bought a new phone today (i.e. joined the queue) then import duty would be charged i.e. import duty is in common between the two scenarios - new or used. Worse still, the import duty for a new phone would presumably be calculated on a much higher “new” price.

On the other hand: SIM & SD Card Tray Issue! You never quite know what you are getting when you buy a used phone, and the warranty support is murkier.

Let me clarify that I have bought the device at 0.1247 btc. I have proof for both the payment and the import tax.

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The SIM and SD card have no problem that i know of, for I have never put any card in it.
We can meet and you have a look at the device.

That topic was intended as a general illustration of the perils of buying second hand.

The topic is about an almost new phone, available in less than 12 months and less than 1199$.
If the only thing stopping you from buying it is the tray issue, send me a pm to meet and see it.

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@patata, your offer is very kind and I’m almost sure that this thread is about getting brand new Librem 5 from someone that want sell it to someone that like to start to use it, as is, brand new, have no doubt. If not someone from Greece someone from EU will buy it sooner than we might expect. It is very good offer, and hope that you’ll not have any problems to sell it:

Please charge your Librem 5 battery to around 50% and tape (isolate) + and contacts from device itself. This will help a lot not to deplete current Librem 5 battery more than necessary, preserve its health in good (best possible) condition. As kindly recommended:


Yes, the battery is already half charged and out of the device.


“Fair” was referring to the explanation. I have no opinion otherwise.

Unbelievable. Who will pay this amount for L5. I wouldn’t. People wait for L5 to become cheaper so they can buy (what is Social Purpose if only the rich can have it) and it just doubled its price from the crowdfunding amount.

I hope Purism knows what they are doing. Adding import tax and customs handling I strongly doubt that anyone from EU will buy it again. After that @patata amount is a bargain and he must raise his price.

No one will. These phones are glorified Pinephone bravehearts, They’re underpowered and ultimately useless.

I actually received 2 messages to buy it, and i sold it to the first buyer.
Apparently I could have put an even higher initial price, if it was my purpose to make profit.
Thanks everyone for your comments.