(SOLD) Selling my Librem 14 (16GB, 128GB NVMe) ( inside Germany & EU)

With a heavy heart i have to sell my device. It works as expected, but my employer gives me the freedom to choose whatever OS i want to use, so i moved my qubes over to the work device and dont have to switch between devices anymore.


Memory: 1x16GB DDR4 installed
Storage (installed): 128GB NVMe disk
Storage (config maximum): 1x NVMe-capable 80mm M.2 slot
Battery: 4 Cell Battery

Charger with EU Plug

(please use ebay since its safer for both buyer&seller)

Quick question: is Qubes still installed in the laptop?
Else an indication of the sale price would be appreciated.


for demo purposes i installed a vanilla qubes 4.1 without disk encryption.

long ebay formalities about the amount

ebay has a starting price at 512EUR as long as no one starts biding you can directly buy it for 999,12 EUR… so if nobody wants the device and you’re the only person a bid at 512EUR is enough to get the deivce… the offer is open till sunday

Apologies in advance for the digression :-) but I would never do that.
  • Work devices have all sorts of issues regarding who administers it, what restrictions apply to it, what sort of untrusted software has to be run on it, …
  • What happens when your employment ends?

So by all means accept whatever hardware your employer wants you to use but keep your work life and your private life separated.

Edit: PS Cool use of the ‘summary’ HTML feature, so I retrospectively edited my post to do the same - and thereby take up less vertical space and less attention in your topic.

off topic answer
  • i administer my self chosen operating system
  • the employer doesnt really care what happens to the device there is conditions like: full disk encryption must be enabled (wow) and screen shall be locked when leaving the device (wow)
  • for all they care i could also clean the management engine from the device.
  • not sure if you’re familiar with qubes OS but i make a backup of my private qubes and put them on a different machine and wipe the work device. although i work with it professionals i am the only one who uses qubes, so they would install something different anyway…