[SOLD] Selling my Purism Librem 5 with accesories (EU)


I’m selling my Purism Librem 5, slightly used.

The phone looks flaweless, only have minor scratches on the original protector foil.

EU modem, VoLTE works, haven’t had any issues with calls/sms, even with suspend enabled.

Will reflash the phone before shipping, software will be brand new :slight_smile:

The set consists of:

  • Purism Librem 5 phone with battery inside
  • Original box with all accesories
  • Extra screen protector foil
  • Spare battery
  • Black FitBag cover

The set will be shipped from Poland, favourably by DPD courier.

PM me for offers, I’m open for negotiations.

Photos below:


550 eur including shipping should be enough :slight_smile:

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Which Wifi card does your Librem 5 have? The old one (Redpine) or the new one (SparkLAN)?

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Hi, can you send me a command to check for the card? If its impossible I’ll take a look inside tomorrow and will let you know.

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I had to look that up, too, and found this post:

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Thanks! Its SparkLAN :slight_smile:

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