[SOLVED] How to remove this micro-SD card?

I accidentally pushed a micro-SD card into the SC slot instead of putting it onto the SIM tray, and now I can’t remove it anymore. It has no spring mechanism. :frowning:

They used to make chip pullers for that. Just like tweezers except the ends have a little 90 degree bent to grab the chip.

Or a curved needle-nose set of pliers. Since there are hardly any electronics stores that specialize in this stuff you may find them in the art section at Joann Fabrics.

Be gentle.

You can try a needle in one of the little holes in the silver part to work the card back out.

Maybe try gripping the exposed part with some strong adhesive tape.

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Or with the tip of a knife/cutter and pull gently.


thanks for the replies but nothing works and the micro-SD is so deep inside that it barely has any grip to get it taken out :frowning:

Seam ripper? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seam_ripper
Dental explorer? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dental_explorer

Tiny screwdriver pushed from the appropriate angle?

Is it possible to remove the black plastic part, so you have better access to the cardslot?

Do you mean that the card is pushed in beyond the 4 holes you see in the picture?

If you can see the card through the 4 holes, you should be able to use a pin to pull it out.

For what this SC slot should be used by intention and not by mistake?

No, it was in the same deep as shown in picture but your idea with the pin was the solution! I had to push the pin very hard, and repeat the procedure multiple times, to make a noticable move by the micro-SD card :smiley: