Solved - Librem Key + PureOS = No Nitrokey app tray bar icon


When Nitrokey App is installed on PureOS, the Nitrokey App tray icon that should appear in the upper right corner is not displayed in the PureOS tray bar.

How would I add that to PureOS tray bar?

Not sure, but maybe this is somehow related as well: Setup/initialize a Nitrokey storage on PureOS

Thanks to @romaric and @Smojo I found a simple solution:

  1. In Pure browser navigate to

  2. Once browser extension is installed refresh the page to allow (K)StatusNotifierItem/AppIndicator Support, set it to on.

  3. Launch NitroKey and you will find the app in the top right:

Sorry I’m new to the forum so can only add one image, I made it a composite:

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