[SOLVED] My Librem 5 arrived with an extra WiFi chip

My Librem 5 arrived with a chip separate from the phone, I think is the WiFi chip. On the receipt it says it’s a: “SparkLAN WNFB-266AXI(BT) WiFi Module”.
Looking inside the phone there is already an WiFi chip in place, the writings on the chips:
AP6275S B115B006 2145 ← WiFI chip that came in the phone
AP6275S G315303F 2117 ← WiFi chip that came separate, in the box

Any ideas if there are any differences between them? Why would I get another WiFi chip if one comes installed in the phone?

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Anyone else wondering the same thing, check this two links:

Probably a mistake from Purism, worst case scenario : they mixed up some orders and sent you what someone else ordered … You should contact support@puri.sm to warn them about this

No mistake from Purism, sorry about the confusion. I bought the phone secondhand and probably the person I bought it from ordered the new WiFi modem as well.

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I guess the obvious question would be: does the WiFi card that is already installed in the phone work?

You should verify the make and model of that WiFi card using: Tips & Tricks · Wiki · Librem5 / Librem 5 Community Wiki · GitLab

If you can confirm that the WiFi card that is already installed in the phone
a) is a SparkLAN, and
b) works

then you received a bonus WiFi card that you probably don’t need. So you can put the extra WiFi card aside and ignore it.

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Keep it as a snack for later, you might get hungry while entering bash commands!