[SOLVED] Playing my own games on L5?

I created some games with python via Pygame. Their window has the size of the phone. Would a simple export from PC to L5 be enough or would I have to change some lines in the code since the touchscreen is touch-sensitive and not keyboard-sensitive?

I think a simple export should work, you will probably have to adapt some controls to touch screen

Only way to know : testing :nerd_face:

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I know, I can be super lazy sometimes :smiley:

Or connect a keyboard to the L5.


I can’t install pygame. I tried $ sudo apt install python-pygame

 E: Package 'python-pygame' has no installation candidate

Does it work if you try python3-pygame instead? https://packages.debian.org/search?keywords=pygame&searchon=names&suite=bullseye&section=all

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