Some problems with pureos KDE Plasma:

1: Regular Firefox can not be installed from software center.
So I installed it from
When installed latest version and click Help → about firefox.
It says: “updates are disabled by your system administrator”
Is this Pureos that blocking it?
How do I enable updates?
Also i cannot activate as default browser in Settings.

2: Installed programs (from software manager or do not show in Menu.
Programs like File managar, Firefox regular, freetube, Keepass etc.
This is the most annoying because i can only start these programs in software center.
How do i get these in Menu?

3: Windows key on keyboard does not work. how to activate?
(with the other Pureos version, the Activates list shows up when pressing the windows key)

4: Pureos KDE can’t open my phone anymore. Its says: “unable open MTP device”
I never had this problem with the other pureos versions.

KDE isn’t a PureOS supported desktop, so you’ll have better luck (maybe) in KDE forums.

Also flatpaks are updated using the flatpak system, which is likely why you have issue #1.

What hardware are you running on?

Are you using PureOS 9 or 10?

I am using KDE on PureOS 10 Byzantium just fine, but I do not use flatpak for many things. Most programs I installed using apt.

1: Can you do sudo apt update && sudo apt install firefox-esr in a terminal? This should get you the “regular” firefox from the PureOS repository.

2: For me also flatpak apps do show up in the menu. But KDE has different start menus :wink: Do the programs show up in krunner? You can usually open that with ALT+SPACE and then start typing the name of the program.

3: Does the windows key by itself do nothing or do also key combinations not work? (say Win+Left, Win+Right to move a window for example)

4: Maybe the mtp libraries are not installed? What does dpkg -l | grep mtp give you?

little update:

problem 1 I haven’t had the time to find out yet.
Problem 2 is solved with restarting my pc. (its all windows again :woozy_face:).
Problem 3: have not yet found how to activate it
Problem 4: i have enabled MTP on my phone, but still KDE gives me the “no storage media found, make sure your device is unlocked and has MTP enabled in its USB connection settings” which both are…

Did you also had problem 3 and 4? How did you fix this?

Medion pc and keyboard.

I never had problem 3 (Meta/Windows/Purism key not working), but I am on a Librem 14.

For problem 4 I do not know, I almost never use MTP. Again, what does dpkg -l | grep mtp give you?

“I almost never use MTP”
Me neighter. Byzantium or Amer never askt for MTP. always used PTP without problems.
Maybe i can change some settings in KDE so that it will accept PTP?

dpkg -l | grep mtp` says:

Blockquote ii libkpimsmtp5abi1:amd64 20.08.3-1 a
md64 library for handling SMTP data
ii libmtp-common 1.1.17-3 a
ll Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) common files
ii libmtp-runtime 1.1.17-3 a
md64 Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) runtime tools
ii libmtp9:amd64 1.1.17-3 a
md64 Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) library
ii libnet-smtp-ssl-perl 1.04-1 a
ll Perl module providing SSL support to Net::SMTP

Hello? you still here?

Yes, but I am running out of ideas :wink:

The list of mtp packages looks the same as on my computer. Do you have an SD card in the device you are trying to open via MTP?

For PTP, maybe you can check in gwenview, the image viewer, whether there is a way to import pictures from the device? Or when the pop up comes in the bottom right under “disks and devices”, do you have a “copy photos from …” option there?