Some question about os

Sorry if some questions are stupid but im not a pro i keep discover things and i have some doubt

  1. does it use a libre kernel freee from blobs? Like trisquel does
  2. <li>i tryed the first alpha on virtualbox and i wasnt able on "store" to make any search is normal because is alpha or what?</li>
    <li>app and kernel repository are from debian (like mint are from ubuntu) or is your own? Or from debian but verified by you?</li>
    <li>any update manager will be on the os for app, kernel and security update as mint do? Or will be everything (or part of them) on terminal?</li>
    <li>any eta for the final release?</li>
    <li>the support will have some kind of LTS? Or how do u plan the end of life for every version?</li>
    <li>do we have a chance to upgrade from previews version easily like just a command or the update manager? For noobs like me :)</li>
  1. Free from blobs, yes
  2. A bug, probably fixed already
  3. We build our own kernel, we have our own repos
  4. We have update manager, part of GNOME, it didn’t work for me in alpha, but I presume it will work in beta
  5. Not at the moment
  6. I don’t know, will have to check this
  7. Well, yes, sudo apt full-upgrade, after you change sources.list to point to new release; recommended procedure is described here:

Thanks for the answers, cant wait for use it :slight_smile:
any chance to have a custom script inside the update manager for upgrade it automatically with just a click?

about the 2nd point
i’ve installed the lastes apha on virtualbox and updated trough the software manager, now i have prometheus immage on desktop, but on the store i cant search anything on repository, it seems he research just the local programs

What is your /etc/apt/sources.list?

i have

deb green main
deb-src green main

should i add something else?
i’ve noticed on software center everything i’m searching is not found if not installed, but for example if i try to install something (like i’ve done with cinnamon) on terminal everythings works fine

Hm, then it’s probably a bug. I’ll check this and report back.

thank you very much for everything

FreeSpirit, Zlatan explained everything here:

thanks for the blog post is complete and clear