Some questions before preorder

hi there, (sorry for my bad english)
looks like my good old blackberry (the last pre-android-bb) is going to die.
the librem5 could be my next phone. and i dont want a apple or google.
a new phone with a new linux would be great!

to the librem5:
what languages are supported? pre-installed on the phone/os by default? german too?

how will i recieve phone/os-updates? your update-plan? how large will be the updates?
single very large file, rarely (>500mb), OR many small files often? the 2nd i would prefer.

when i (pre)order the phone from …usa right, shipped to eu, how much custom duties and taxes must i pay extra? (import things from usa to eu, over 150€ worth, are not duty-free!)
or when are this phones in the eu available directly?

what file format are the “apps”? gz, tgz, sh,…?

do i need the “terminal” to install/run things?

is there a “sync” software, to backup the phone to pc? linux pc or win pc?
how works a backup?
or act the phone like an usb-stick when connected to a pc? (like bb)
simply copy all over and write back if needed incl. contacts, numbers, mails, etc?

thanks, regards, greetings,

not even my english is great.
regarding your questions, as a user and a buyer, I answer you.
there is support for languages, including German.
reasonably updates will be released for a single program / library as in debian.
shipping costs did not affect the cost for those who pre-ordered: now I do not know.
for the rest I can not answer but you can search in the forum.

Some of these things are still being finalized. Other things should be supported as part of the OS on the phone. For example:

  • The underlying OS and environment supports many languages but translations will be needed for the phone shell and applications. We welcome help in providing good translations for these things.
  • I don’t know about the update mechanism. I would assume that regular PureOS-style updates would be the main way those are done.
  • Sync software is being discussed in this issue.
  • General data transfer via USB is in this issue.
  • The terminal shouldn’t be needed for app installation.
  • The idea is that some apps will be provided as Debian packages.
  • Other apps will be deployed using Flatpak. Quite how that is to be done is not quite decided yet.

I can’t answer about taxes, duties and those kinds of things, unfortunately. Hopefully someone can give you a good answer about those.


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