Some transparency missing - timeline

The discussion from Purism devkit when will be send to clients? was just closed which i consider a real strange move.

I would really like to learn more about the current status, the problems Purism has and the timelines they want to achieve (or assess feasable). Last into was “sending will take place before 22. of december”.

I think most people arent negative in any regards, they invested their money into this incredible cool project but we would really like to participate more. What are the current problems? When does purism assume they deliver? And so on…

Would that be possible without to much effort on your side?


Well, that topic was closed end of August. They published a timeline on Novemer 9th.

After all this, I am reluctant to give a new timeline for shipping the dev kits…
[…] With that said however, we are doing our very best to ship out all boards in the early part of December, so that all backers should get their new toys well before the end of the year.

Between those two statements, there are some numbers given. Let’s add them up :wink:

  • Further testing: 1-2 weeks
  • Fabrication: 2 weeks (or 11 days)
  • Production, assembly, testing and shipping: 1 week

If they managed to keep that, then possibly fabrication is done by now. Two weeks left until Christmas. Could work out, but it’s surely tight.

I don’t feel the community spirit either (if that’s what you meant), but maybe that’s just me… idk :thinking:

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I don’t know what other public information is out there, but the blog post mentioned by @Caliga is the one I based my recent update to the developer FAQ on. My understanding is that shipping in December is still the aim, though I can’t say with certainty any more than that right now.

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yes, that’s it what i’m missing a bit while i understand that it’s big effort and if instead the delivery is pushed forward - fine. still i’m so curious (!


Slightly off topic but I reached out to Purism today about the (lack of) progress updates. I’ve posted it here Feedback on question about Progress updates. Seems like they don’t really see it as community effort any more.

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thats not what they wrote. they just said the compain is over and maybe argue that a weekly update is bound to that only (which is a weak argument too). i would assume they are quite busy.

i hope purism is still interested in community cooperation…

There’s lots to do, so there’s limited bandwidth for communication at the moment, which is unfortunate given that communication is the visible part of the process for those not following the repositories or issue trackers closely.

From my perspective, I’d love to be getting good quality feedback from developers about the documentation (which is what I’m working on) but I realize that there may be a lot to do before that can happen - before developers feel they can formulate constructive feedback beyond, “This information is missing,” though that is also important. :smiley:

Out of interest, which channels do people feel they can use to cooperate most effectively? The forums, Matrix, mailing lists? Something else?


i am not interested in the state of the software while waiting for the devkit. i read the news from the page and sometimes ask on matrix. it seems purism doesnt like to talk about progress on the forum as they closed the thread about it so i did not use it until i started this one because there was nothing in the news.

point is: the timelines are already not met so i would suggest short notice on why so and when one could expect something. i was courious if i could bring a devkit to the 35c3. i have no information if shipping already takes place (as i was told) or some problems hinder to do so.

I saw that you asked on Matrix:

09:47are there any news about devkit shipping? wont make it before xmas i assume?

and got this response from Todd which you may have seen:

17:26 All devkit hardwre is shipping before EOD Friday the 21st.

So I guess that’s a date to keep in mind.


exactly, we can only guess. has shipping already started (as i understood todd the shipping will start much earlier than 21st)? are there obstacles and even 21st cant be made?

From todays announcement mailing:

As promised in our November hardware report, we are aiming to begin shipping the phone’s dev kits this month. Our software and hardware development team is on-site and working hard on solving as many bugs as possible and providing some initial documentation to go alongside the dev kits, so we ask for your patience as we’re finalizing assembly and testing of this one-of-a-kind board that we have designed and brought to production from scratch.
We will begin shipping in the coming week.
A dedicated Matrix discussion channel and forum category for devkit owners to interact with us and help each other will be set up with an email to the devkit backers to provide documentation for remaining issues they can help us with.



thats what we all wanted to read! gratulation! you did it! :slight_smile:


it’s comming:

what a xmas present! thank you purism! :smiley:

for me, the phone and the congress its to late as i leave home on sunday already. very, very sad but maybe someone else will bring one…

hm, i’m just thinking of asking purism to redir it to the hotel in leipzig :wink:

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Lucky you. Mine is gonna sit in Singapore until after Christmas, then it’s gonna sit at customs untill after New Year and I’m gonna get it mid-January.

here it is! or better: there… :frowning: anoying: i’m at the congress, the devkit @home.

anyway: thank you purism!